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Grads face — and shape — a new world

"They're entering adulthood in the worst economy since the 1930s, and social scientists say they are forming attitudes similar to the generation that grew up in the Great Depression. "

By Chuck Raasch and Elizabeth Bewley
Gannett Washington Bureau
Delaware Online
May 30, 2011


Bland Old Party

"Generally, voters don't become interested in nominees until the party primaries get under way. That won't happen until February 2012. And, historically, a clear winner doesn't emerge from these contests until early March. This go-around, a winner might not become evident until much later. "

Barron's Cover
By Jim McTague 
May 16, 2011 


Obama on Campus: Cramming to Reclaim the
College Vote by Midterms

"Prior to passage of the financial regulation bill, Millennials (43 percent to 28 percent) expressed concern that Congress wouldn't do enough to protect consumers and control Wall Street excesses rather than fearing congressional action might go too far in limiting investment opportunities and future growth."

By Alex Wagner, AOL Politics Daily
Interview with Michael D. Hais
September 28, 2010


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